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Welcome: Zhejiang Jufeng Arts & Asklove
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Zhejiang Jufeng crafts co., LTD., founded in 1999, is located in "China business gifts base" Wan Xiang wanquan industrial park road. With "love," brand. Company existing staff more than 100, the product research and development staff of five, eight design personnel, marketing personnel 12. Make up the domestic first-class professional production line. Is a set design, development, production, processing, marketing as one of professional culture gold foil gift company.
The company's products to treat customers in good faith, innovation, with regard to its strict as faith, vertical brand letter, by the good faith is the foundation of the advance, the customer base, product innovation is the foundation of the development of the market management idea, gold foil industry to develop innovative culture. Solid gold foil painting is a set of the ornamental value of the gold play incisively and vividly technology, is a traditional paper carving and noble gold foil with the combination of high quality arts and crafts. With the concept of innovation, the elegant and modelling, keep improving the quality of the requirements, was deeply loved by domestic and foreign merchants. Solid gold foil painting gold foil material imported from Taiwan, guangdong gold and silver jewelry testing center testing, the gold content up to pure, not only has very high artistic value and ornamental value, but also the best choice of gift giving gifts.
Our service is "customer is supreme, the honest code of honor". Because of your support and love, our career will be more exciting.


Contact: North American market contact:Mr Liu(626)283-0277

Phone: 13958825019

Tel: 400-1055-958

Email: coo@asklove.cc

Add: North American market contact:Mr Liu(626)283-0277

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